From 2013 to 2018, I acted as a Website, Marketing, and Graphics Coordinator at Sling It! Lacrosse. Initially, my role focused on website design maintenance, all channels of marketing, and creating design mockups for hard and soft team-sales products. Due to my interest in social media, our CEO allowed me to introduce the company to Instagram through social media content creation. In this self-defined role, I actively managed the brand's social media presence across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Periscope. I was also in charge of facilitating in-house product and editorial photoshoots for the internal marketing efforts of five brick and mortar stores in
Northern California and Las Vegas.

For two years, I acted as a design and social media team of one. Eventually, I was able to delegate most of the social media posting process to dedicated event staff who were on-site at weekend events. Using social media, we were able to communicate with our followers and lacrosse industry leaders directly. I helped develop a dynamic strategy that was able to grow with changes in technology but kept an overall brand aesthetic that was easily recognizable from the store level. By promoting social relationships with our dedicated customer base, we were able to define how our brand stood out in a crowded niche sports industry. Before starting Sling It Lacrosse's Instagram account in 2013, they had minimal social media interaction. Their main digital marketing channel was through Constant Contact email campaigns and in-store signage. I was able to grow its marketing channel to include younger demographics with disposable income. Customers who were much more aware of industry trends and changes, allowing us to make smarter buying choices when we were replenishing inventory. To be successful, I utilized a series of online content and scheduling systems, including Onlypult, Iconosquare, and Hootsuite.