See's Candies brought me on in May of 2019 to help develop their newly minted in-house marketing team. With new CEO Pat Egan at the helm, the company sought to bring together several marketing roles under one department within the company. Previously management had relied on outside vendors and agencies to produce, schedule, and post content. 

My typical day includes working closely with the Community Specialist and Media Manager to identify real-time amplification strategies for social content trends. Part of my role requires shooting new material at the office or setting up on-location shoots at See's Candies retail shops in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. I shoot still photos, video, and stop-motion animation. I am using desktop and mobile apps like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Rush, Lifelapse, and others to edit, color-correct, and filter content for publishing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I use Airtable for content concept creation and copywriting. The final approval step is to submit posts to Sprinklr, a social listening platform to schedule content across all social channels. My job is dynamic, hectic, and very rewarding. Seeing thousands of fans engaging and reacting positively with my content fills me up with joy.