Kineviz brought me on to help grow their social media presence and reach as their Social Media Content Strategist. When I joined on, Kineviz had a client list that focused heavily on the Medical, Telecommunications, and Semiconductor industries. Kineviz expressed interest in expanding their client base. Using Twitter's analytics and a lot of dedicated research, we expanded into the Cyber Security Investigation and Open Source Intelligence space. Since joining, I have helped to monitor social media mentions directly, and direct messages primarily focused on Twitter for Kineviz's software product GraphXR. GraphXR is a browser-based visualization tool that brings unprecedented speed, power, and flexibility to the exploration of data in 2D and XR (Extended Reality).

While my daily tasks focused on social media content creation and relationship building. I also brought the small team my background of print and website design. When I joined the small company, the group expressed interest in revamping their site and marketing assets. I helped redesign their site, business cards, datasheets, and free-standing event banners for live demonstrations of their product GraphXR. Other tasks included marketing and promoting Meetup events and live product demonstrations at conferences.